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Do you need permanent or temporary workers in the construction field ?
Whether it is residential, commercial construction as well as utility construction or any maintenance projects – contact us for tailor made solutions.
A designated consultant will assist you to choose the right people for your project.

Available: Painters and Decorators in London

Carpenters, Landscapers, General Labourers, Carpenters, Ground workers, Machine operatives (360 drivers, Dumper drivers), Electricians, Plasterers, Dry Liners, Bricklayers & More.

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Do you require Skilled Painters and Decorators in London?

We can provide you with an experienced and trained workforce.
Our Painters and Decorators in London are ready for any challenges in the construction field.

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Do you need permanent or temporary workers in the construction field ?
Whether it is residential, commercial construction as well as utility construction or any maintenance projects – contact us for more information. A designated consultant will assist you to choose the right people for your project.

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 Painters and Decorators in London

– Available

Are you seeking Painters and

Decorators in London ?


We will be glad to assist you by providing you with skilled Painters and Decorators.


Painters and decorators London.


Painters and decorators could be engaged in both; 

domestic and industrial projects.


The tasks could range from redecorating homes to high-altitude works.
Some of the jobs could be performed on high constructions, lanterns or bridges.

The competent painter knows what material, tools and methods are best for a particular job. Additionally some of Construction Recruitment London Painters are capable of doing all types of painting.

Various Painters divided by the area of expertise, may be particularly experienced in the: interior or exterior work, particular structures painting, new construction, buildings, signs, touch ups, special designer effects, metal surfaces or even transportation equipment.

Our experience says that the Painters and Decorators should be:
Comfortable with working at heights, precise, patient, accurate and detail-oriented, physically fit, should possess a good understanding of colour and proportions.

Considering that the Painters and Decorators may work alone or with a team of other construction professionals and that time management on a construction site is important. We believe that, experience, good organization and communication skills are also of utmost importance.

Working indoors and outdoors on construction sites can be physically demanding, as it frequently include standing for long periods of time, therefore the candidate should be on form. Painters and Decorators often work at heights, good balance is very important here.

We would love to hear from you. Contact us for more information if the need arises.

Duties of Painters or Decorators could include:


  • Preparation of protection of the various surfaces from damages

  • Wall preparation prior to the applications of final materials; cleaning of surfaces, removing old materials or paints by scraping, sanding, power washing and steam-cleaning

  • Setting up scaffolding and swing stages

  • In some cases painters may be use chemicals, electrical scrapers, sandblasters or blow torches

  • Mixing and paint thinning

  • Application of paint, varnishes, wallpaper, fabric and other finishes (including interior and exterior surfaces of buildings and other structures)

  • Painters are also experienced in using; paint brushes, rollers, spray guns or other necessary equipment

  • Double checking for flaws and perform touch ups as the need may be 

  • Removing tools and scaffolding from the job site to ensure that cleanliness standards are maintained

Do not hesitate to Contact us – Jobs in London, for more information whatever your requirements are;
Painters and Decorators London,
Carpenters, Landscapers, Electricians, Dry liners, General Labourers, Machine operatives; 360 drivers, Dumper drivers, Ground workers, Plasterers or Bricklayers.


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