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Do you need permanent or temporary workers in the construction field ?
Whether it is residential, commercial construction as well as utility construction or any maintenance projects – contact us for tailor made solutions.
A designated consultant will assist you to choose the right people for your project.

Available: Bricklayers in London

Landscapers, General Labourers, Carpenters, Ground workers, Machine operatives (360 drivers, Dumper drivers), Electricians, Painters & Decorators, Plasterers, Dryliners & More.

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Do you require Skilled Bricklayers in London?

We can provide you with an experienced and trained workforce.
Our Bricklayers in London are ready for any construction and building jobs.

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Do you need permanent or temporary workers in the construction field ?
Whether it is residential, commercial construction as well as utility construction or any maintenance projects – contact us for more information. A designated consultant will assist you to choose the right people for your project.

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 Bricklayers in London

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Bricklayers in London. Bricklayers are available. Workers ready for any job on various construction sites.
Check Flexible Labouring solutions by Trade and Construction  Recruitment.

Bricklayers in London.

Bricklayers are skilled workers dealing in the construction of

walls, stones, concrete, gypsum, ceramic and other building

materials. In addition to the walls, pillars or ceilings fitted to

the walls.




Bricklayers in London are usually called to work in commercial and industrial furnaces and incinerators.
Bricklayers may also manage and carry out demolition work.
Bricklayers work on the construction or renovation sites.
They often have to do the job in bad weather and high altitudes. Therefore Bricklayers shouldn’t be afraid of heights.

Also dexterity and endurance for physical exertion is important. This work is classified as heavy work in physical terms, because most of the activities are done manually.


Who has the potential to join a team of excellent Bricklayers in London?

Finalizing the project in accordance with the plans, requires the ability to have the know how, to have a technical knowledge about a project and to be able to understand and follow specific plans or sketches.
As Bricklayers usually work in a very hands-on practical role outdoors, they should be hardy to the elements.
Inevitably it is an asset if the Bricklayers enjoy maximizing time out in the open air.
A considerable amount of time is spent outdoors.
There is also an element of physical activity, teamwork and adjusting to diferent heights.


Contact us – Jobs in London – we can provide the manpower;

Carpenters, Landscapers, Electricians, Dryliners, General Labourers, Painters and Decorators, Machine operatives; 360 drivers, Dumper drivers, Ground workers, Plasterers or Bricklayers.

 The basic activities of Bricklayers include: 

  • Reading and working from the project displaying architectural and construction drawings to establish the desired solutions

  • Preparation and organization of the workplace, arranging a suitable place for placing building materials, setting up scaffolding and platforms and installation of equipment for material transport

  • Instrumentation prior to bricklaying;

  • Determination in accordance with the design and
    preparation of the appropriate mortar through selection

  • Choosing appropriate substances and mixing them, which is related to the usage of the equipment such as; mixer and concrete mixer

  • The laying of mortar on stones, bricks or elements prefabricated and tying them together as indicated in the design

  • Formation of foundations, solid walls, and openings
    windows, doors, etc.

  • Making reinforcements – mounting steel beams on ceilings, as well as the reinforcement of window and door lintels

  • Setting and fixing door and window apertures, window sills, windows, making chimney and ventilation ducts.

  • Bricklayers tasks also include performing complex arches vaults, columns, preparation of plaster mortar, removal of cavities, making foundations for specific plasters, covering ceilings and walls with plastering mortar, sharply or smoothly so as to receive an equal vertical plaster plane with the same surface

  • Making dry plasters from ready plaster boards

  • Preparation of the wall surface for facing – application, leveling, fixing ceramic, stone and marble plates

  • Sealing foundations with damp-resistant materials
    spreading mortar between joints, laying bricks, stone or similar materials to build residential or commercial chimneys and fireplaces, walls, walkways etc.

  • Lining or relining furnaces and boilers using acid-resistant bricks.


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